VMAG mount

The perfect magnetic mount for your helmet.

One mount to fit them all

Quick tour of the Vmag mount

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The VMag video

Safety first

Our first priority was always safety

Danish engineered and designed product. Strong magnet mount, for most of the action camera types on the market. Easy to take the Vmag mount of the helmet mount, with a straight pull.

Extremely easy to put back on again. Currently avaiable on the Kiss, G3 and a "drill n' screw"

The mount

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The Vmag mount – Extreme magnets and general lightweight. Fits perfectly on four types of helmets. Those helmets are the well known Cookie G3 and G4, and the Old and new Kiss helmets. The position of the mount allows the user to see the Gopro recordings while skydiving, also letting you know if its recording or not.

Make the best tandem videos. Pull off the camera to make great recordings of your tandem guests handheld.

Vmag mount is easy to attach to your helmet. It comes with two screws on Cookie and Kiss. Make sure it’s screwed all the way on and you are ready to go skydiving.

In case of a linesnag or similar, the magnets will enable you to pull out the the Vmag mount, splitting the mount in two without breaking it, and simply putt it back on again. (or if your a big fan of cutting it away, simply throw away the camera after pulling it of)

The mounts are designed to fit directly on the different helmets.

In the event of a collision, or a crash, the Vmag mount is attached with very strong magnets, and can only be pulled of with a straight forward pull. If the crash force is big enough the mount will brake.

With the Vmag mount
skydiving will be extra fun

Recording made easy

Recording made easy

The Vmag mount enable you to pull your camera on and off your helmet as you like to. You can take photos and video without pulling off your helmet.

Cut Away

Cut Away

The cut away is integrated in the mount, so in the event of the camera getting snagged, simply pull off your camera and half of the mount, get clear of the snag, and mount the camera again, so you can keep it.

Crash improved

Crash improved

If you ever need to cut away your helmet, now you can simply pull of your camera and keep it. In that way you keep your helmet and camera when it goes wrong. The Vmag mount have a special mekanisme that makes it hard to get ripped off.

Our mount fits the following helmets
We are working on new designs all the time. The future will bring us mounts for TFX, two cameras, handycams and of course what you want us to develop.

The Kiss helmet

Kiss helmet air vent

The Mount goes for both old and new kiss helmet. The kiss mount comes in two different model variations. One mounts for the new Kiss and one for the older version.

Instruction video

See how to attach the mount the correct way

Kiss Helmets (New/Old)

G3 Helmets

G4 Helmets